Carrier-Semi-vertical Multidecks


※ Full-sized product lines, applicable to stores with various layouts
※ Full glass side wall, fashionable and beautiful
※ Accurate and stable temperature control in the cabinet
※ Temperature optimization, for storage of various food
※ Low front design, for a bigger display area and better shopping view
※ Two height options, with narrow top plaque design, suitable for various consumers in Asia
※ Squeezed Multi-layer Air Curtain design, with high efficiency evaporator and reducing total energy consumption

Model SV
L(cm) 口125/口170/口187.5/口210/口250/口375
D(cm) 口85.5/口105.5
H(cm) 口130/口150/口170
Temp -1~7/-1~5℃
Power 220V