Carrier-Glass Door Multidecks

model:MenEco A

※Full-sized product lines (Depth 750/850/1050mm),
applicable to stores with various layouts
※Modern appearance, frameless door design,
highlighting goods display
※Temperature optimization, suitable for storage of
various daily goods and meat
※Prepositive air curtain, for wider/bigger shelves
volume, and with a cabinet of 750mm deep,
optimizing the footprint
※ Low front design(370mm), for the bigger display area
※Squeezed Multi-layer Air Curtain design, with better
thermal insulation effect
※Higher evaporating temperature(≥ -4℃ ), more
energy-efficient and environmental friendly

Model MenEco A/L
L(cm) 口125(2 Doors)/口170(2 Doors)/口187.5(3 Doors)/口210(3 Doors)/口250(4 Doors)/口375(6 Doors)
D(cm) 口75.5/口85.5/口105.5
H(cm) 口200/口227
Temp 口-1~7℃/口-1~5℃
Power 220V