Carrier-Semi-vertical Glass Door Multidecks


※Leading temperature performance(-1~5℃ ), suitable for
storage of various daily goods and meat
※ Modern appearance, frameless door design, highlighting
goods display
※ With the narrow top design, suitable for various consumers in
※ Squeezed Multi-layer Air Curtain design with high efficiency
evaporator, more energy-efficient and environmentally
※ Low front design, for display area(remote)
※ Plug and play, flexible deployment, suitable for in-store
※ With internationally well-known brands of controllers,
accurate and stable temperature control in the cabinet
※ High evaporation temperature(≥-4℃ )

Model SV 
L(cm) 口125/口170/口187.5/口250/口375cm
D(cm) 口85.5
H(cm) 口150
Temp 口-1~7℃/口-1~5℃
Power 220V