Carrier-500 Front-height Multidecks


※Designed specifically for the needs of middle and low-end community customers, suitable for various store layouts.
※Optimized temperature, suitable for various daily distribution and meat food storage
※curtain improves the shelf width/inventory, optimizing the floor area in combination with a cabinet depth as low as 750mm.
※ All comparisons are based on the performance of the previous generation products and the data are rounded.
※500mm low front-height design, less cooling capacity, and energy consumption.
※ Extruded multi-layer wind curtain design to optimize air curtain insulation
※ High evaporation temperature (≥ -6 °C), more energy-saving and environmental protection

Model Mendos CAE
L(cm) 口125/口170/口187.5/口210/口250/口375
D(cm) 口75.5/口85.5/口105.5
H(cm) 200
Temp -1~7/-1~5℃
Power 220V